4 workers per mining zone?

This may be a stupid question but why is it that no matter what type of mining I am doing or how many villagers I have that can mine only 4 ever mine at the same time.

I mine large areas [like 160x50] 1 layer at a time and it takes 4 villagers forever to do it. I have 6-9 villagers that are capable of mining though and the extra ones just sit there moving resources.

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The maximum amount of workers per mining zone is 4. You can break up the zones to allow as many hearthlings mining as possible. Do multiple sets of 20x40 as an example and have 4 groups of hearthlings mine each zone simultaneously.

In order for this to work, you don’t want the mining zones to touch horizontally or vertically as they’ll just merge. Touching diagonally is ok. Leave a space between zones and go back over the space later if necessary.

also be aware that huge mining area’s just create a massive lagg and won’t get more citizens. Best is to make smaller area’s, like 20x20 en do that 4 times in a square for example while leaving a space in between for walls. That way when they are done you just mine the walls in between and you have your big hole. or just allot of smaller ones:)

on a side note: there are no stupid questions, just stupid anwsers :slight_smile:

as @Velerin said, the game limits it to 4 hearthlings per mining zone, but i’m not certain the reasoning behind this, so maybe @Albert (or anyone else from the team) could shed some light on it for us?

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I just figured it was a means to control how many workers are dedicated to mining since it’s fairly high on their priority list. Four guys mining leaves any extra workers to build, restock, place items, etc.

Adding more mining zones gives the player control on whether or not all of their workers are mining or not.

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The original reason was that the tunnel width was four blocks wide so this fits four workers side-by-side. As @Doc_Brano points out, large areas to be mined should be broken into smaller mining zones for performance reasons and each zone will have a capacity for four workers.