Minecart and rails 🛤️


I have thought about adding a button to the cart, when the player clicks it, it moves the cart to the other end of the track. Easy mechanic, but not so easy to code.
And I’m already full of projects… :frowning:
This mod is open to anyone willing to update it though.


Thanks, the new link works.


Waiting for the first rollercoaster design using this mod hahahah


Is there any tutorial on making these static animations? I have many Archmod models which would benefit from these greatly. I have Qubicle if it makes the matter any simpler.


You can use any animations tutorial, there is no difference from other animations, except the frames amount being just 1.


Is this working for A24?


Although I think I should at least update the minecart to show the items inside.


Wait! Items inside?! When did this happen?!


Not yet, it was just a plan for a new update.
(Although the mine carts were already working like a ‘common’ chest)

But @Moai reached me to continue this mod on his own, so consider this dormant for now. Let’s wait for his improved version! :smile:


Awesome. Looking forward to it.


Is this on the steam workshop?


A question, can you do it with the cricket golem?
By just adding a golem with the minecart model


And using the same code


if you have a cricket thats convinced that it can ONLY move on rails…maybe?


That’s what I’m talking about


so I need some help because I don’t know what line say that the cricket can only move on rails


as far as i know there is no such line at this moment.
the closest thing you can get is a sort of prefference? code that is used in windows (the three high ones you can walk through otherwise) and roads. where the windows are seen as less favorable, and the roads as more favorable.


Thx lets see if that works


Rail-bound stuff, and especially if you add stations to it, can be vastly faster than the current pathfinder if you utilize it right.

For Zulser’s conveyor belts, it was a simple, one-directional path. Each conveyor piece knew where it would drop its items off (based on a callback whenever a conveyor was placed), so I could quickly calculate “If you put something on this conveyor, it’ll end up in (X/Y/Z)”. If you have Minecart stations (of some kind), you could utilize the same: Each station can know what station it is connected to, and the (shortest) distance to it (by storing the distance + the path itself as a linked list of track objects).

So while you can utilize the normal pathfinding process, I’m not sure if you can tune it in a way to add a completely separate graph to it; or one that would only allow certain entities to be faster (but not other units). In any case, I would recommend writing an own PF (probably using some BFS-approach).


Sorry guys my computer died