Metal blocks and décorations for building

Since the engineer was added, I think that it would be cool to be able to place some metalic blocks made of gold, copper, iron ingot…
The engineer will convert ingots into metal bricks like for the potter and hearthling will build metal blocks :slight_smile:

What do you think about that?


I’d also love to get metal brackets, supports, more metal doors, and that sort of thing – making the buildings look more advanced.

However, I think the Engineer’s place is to create mechanisms and advanced components; fancy decorative brackets could be the role of the Blacksmith. Or we might even get a new class like Artisan or Atelier who creates fancy furniture and building components (e.g. golden thrones, glass products, embossed metal building tiles and hangings, statues/sculptures…)

For the meantime, check out the “slabs with terrain colours” mod – that adds all the natural ore colours to the building palette, so you can build with gold, copper, etc… or at least make it look like you’re building with them, lol.


Ok thanks for the mod, i knew it but i didn’t knew that there are also ore colours :slight_smile: