Memory Warnings about the same time my works really start to slow down/idle

About an hour or so into the game things will start freezing and workers idle waaay more often. I’ve had my game basically crash 3 times now in one day because of this. Just before this last time I was screenshoting the ridiculous conga line that the workers had created because they were waiting on a Hearthling on the OTHER side of the map to mine one block. I don’t know if this was what was creating so much memory that caused the following crash…

The other two times happened when they were moving a lot of items to the stockpile and a couple were building some shelters. The problem that really bugs me about this is that it causes my whole computer to freak not just the game or even steam. It won’t just crash that and take me to my desktop. It makes my screen go black and while the power is on… I can’t do anything. Crtl Alt Del doesn’t kickstart anything… All I can do is Hard shut off which isn’t good for a computer.

And I don’t know if there is a way to fix the Hearthling AI’s to make them… grab the closest task at hand. Like in the case below. I have at least 8 Hearthings there and it queues for one across the map to mine. And EVERY time this happens they come, mine ONE block, and then another mines ONE block. It’s not efficient. :sweat:

“How many Hearthings does it take to…”

And the few other topics that I looked up weren’t really like this problem but If there is a topic I missed feel free to merge.

Edit: This is my version.

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