Idle Hearthlings with long consecutive play times plus many hearthlings

With all the reports around these issues already, I didn’t want to just submit another one, so I first got confirmation from the mods before posting this.

Everything was running fine in my latest world until I hit about 20 Hearthlings, and several hours of continuous gameplay. I’m not sure if it’s the duration of time, the large number of Hearthlings, or both.

When I reloaded the save, pending jobs that had stalled became active again, etc.

So to me it feels more like duration of continuous gameplay and less about the quantity of Hearthlings, though it could be the higher computational complexity combined with the duration.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Begin a fresh, normal game (with hostile mobs)
  2. Play normally for 4+ consecutive hours
  3. Organically grow your town to at least 20 Hearthlings (without artificially spawning)
  4. Observe the AI’s inability to process crafter, build and some restocking orders, resulting in ignored requests that would normally be fulfilled fine.

Expected Results:
Consecutive play time and # of Hearthlings would have no influence on the games ability to function normally.

Actual Results:
Farming and Patrolling seem unaffected by this, but explicitly instructed tasks are the most noticeably impacted. Restocking does seem to happen though far less efficiently over time. Example: Crates start going unfilled even though the filters are correct and there are matching items available (like after a farming harvest, for example).

20 Hearthlings may be a somewhat arbitrary figure. If it’s related at all to computational demand vs ability over time, this number may vary based on the individual hardware specs running the game.

Save available upon request, but reloads seem to refresh whatever buffers/caching/whatever gets accumulated to introduce the symptoms, so I’m not sure how valuable it would be.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A15 D2860 x64

System Information:
Platform: Windows 10
CPU: AMD FX-8350 (8-core, 4GHz)
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 270X


As mentioned in PM, this sounds to me like a leak of some kind. Maybe memory leak, maybe garbage collection (not sure how lua handles this). Going to move this over to the #support:performance category… @Ponder might have some more thoughts.