Hearthlings Ponder Life for Long Periods of Time

Hearthlings Ponder Life for Long Periods of Time

While the AI seems to be much better now, resulting in no reproduceable idle Hearthling bug issues, Hearthlings do tend to sit and ponder their existence for quite a while before sudden inspiration hits them; often en masse. While I have a feeling this will be greatly improved by introducing the upcoming task prioritization UI currently under development, I thought I should at least catalog this issue, in case others report it too.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Start a town, and grow it to about 8+ Hearthlings, basically just large enough to have a few different conflicting priorities all at the same time.
2) Build and/or mine something fairly complex while also having several crafting maintain orders in place, chop down a forest, gather a bunch of crops, feed a bunch of livestock, move around a whole stockpile, etc… all at roughly the same time.
3) Watch as some of your Hearthlings stand idle for a while, really chewing on exactly how to attack all these chores. And then, suddenly, you may see a large group of them go deal with something.

Expected Results:
Quicker, more natural-feeling AI decision making

Actual Results:
Slow, bursting AI decision making (though no one seems to get stuck forever anymore – hooray!)

I saw it on this small little tester map, though this type of thing is hard to reproduce, I know.

Versions and Mods:
Dev 2650, vanilla; no mods

System Information:
Win10, x64. Full HW Profile available upon request


When I see my hearthlings do the long pauses, I justify it by telling myself the more advanced AI has made them deeply philosophical. Therefore, long pauses to contemplate the deeper meaning of being a character in a video game is totally understandable :smiley:


Yeah, this is what I’m seeing too. There’s still an idle bug, and the memory leak issue may even be slightly worse, but nothing locks up the way it did before; if I pause the game and wait a bit everyone catches up. It just takes forever.

I’ve also noticed that all the random litter that had gotten “lost” from interrupted tasks seems to have been cleaned up really fast. The hearthlings are being a lot more efficient and a lot fewer tasks are “hanging.”

Only exception might be item placement tasks (placing fences and chests etc.) That stuff seems to be taking a lot longer to schedule than it did.

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