Meet the small town of Twinmillsgourd!

(Please don’t question the name)

Welcome to the town of Twinmillsgourd!

Here, you can see our temporary living area, which is about to be replaced by a massive multi room inn.

Each room is with a single comfy bed, a dresser, lamp and a window.

Here you see our farms with plenty of food in stock. Along with our footman.

Finally, the dining area. Where our cook is praised for her delicious vegetable stew.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Feel free to comment.


Inn update!

We have a new guard, and better weapons!


I love a good inn. Looking forward to seeing that completed!

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The inn is finished!

New blacksmith shop, more shops to come

Rumors have been circulating of a “moving stone” with green eyes, apparently as tall as a small oak tree.


Love that last picture with the glowing eyes! Fun seeing from a hearthling perspective.