(Mechanic) Children + Schools

I would love for it to be possible for Hearthlings to form relationships and have children. The process of that would be far less graphic than one might think, perhaps it looks similar to a Sims woo-hoo sort of thing. Children could then attend schools, which one could possibly assign, to change their body, spirit, and mind stats with minor one or two point increases. Then, maybe after fifteen or twenty days, they grow up and can function as workers or other professions.

Perhaps even serve as apprentices for the crafters.

Ja? Na?


The developers have stated that they don’t want any process of creating new hearthlings or having hearthlings age


I like the idea but i dont think it will happen



and, to be fair, they reference children in the plushie toy rabbit description.

Tom has stated it multiple times during the livestreams.

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Not only that, they stated early early on that they have no plans for it.

If you want children+relationships in the game then you’ll have to mod it in.

They, themselves though don’t plan to go down that route.