Mean Bunk Beds!

I used the same strategy from my vertical stockpiles (Compact vertical stockpiles) to create some bunk beds. :slight_smile:

In this case, I stacked up a few dining tables on the floor and then placed a bed up on top of them. This was kind of tricky because it’s really hard to remove something out from something else. I managed to remove all the tables by marking them all to be removed all at the same time and putting a bunch of ladders around them so they were all accessible.

Even so, two of my workers still got stuck. They just stood there frozen. I was fortunate that those two people had professions so I could manually assign them tasks which got them unstuck.

In progress shot. Now that I think about it again, it might be possible to do this one with a single stack of tables or maybe even fences.


haha nice job, im going to try this it looks like a good idea. Right now I like to seperate my different classes into their own buildings. Now I wont need to build these larger houses but keep them small with bunkbeds!

I simply just placed the bed on top of another bed, and it worked!

No one gets stuck at all


… Okay this needs to be put into the game as an official item!

Maybe if we get some mechanics that encourage a “barracks” style setup it’d be suitable for soldiers to sleep in them!

Dammit. I SO want this. But I understand It would not be an easy task to make a single item like this.
On the other hand you managed to do this without any programming. And it works.

And that gives me an idea…

Told ya.
Meet mean bunk beds. Because there is not enough meaniness in the world.