Bed's and stockpiles


Bed’s i feel could have a better system to decide who owns what bed and to sleep in them because i have had members that own beds and yet still sleep on the ground! So i think just being able to set it so say if you want the carpenter sleeping in his own house you can do that! Secondly stockpiles as mentioned in the video “post alpha 5 features” said that you would show how many resources a building would take to make it, so why not show the amount of resources are in the stockpile to begin with! Lastly i think that say being able to destroy your own decorations and beds would be a nice thing because i don’t want to have mean beds sitting in my town when i have full comfy beds and town members are complaining about it. So i think it would be nice if we were able to place destroy what we have previously built. Thanks for reading!



Maybe have the alchemist transmute the items as a form of recycling. Think Minecraft mod Industrialcraft 2’s scrape boxes, giving a random item.


About the beds, I thought today that Stonehearth could use the same system that is implemented and works fine in Dwarf Fortress and Gnomoria - zone designation bedroom. It would make not only this bed is owned by this villager, but also he would own this dining table so no stranger eats inside his house. MAYBE, there could also be support for family houses if there’s breeding implemented or at least houses for married villagers.


I was also thinking about this at the weekend. It would be great to have a carpenter’s house with his workbench, stockpile and own bed.


As far as beds & stockpiles etc go, the un-deploy mechanic is bugged ATM, and you also can’t upgrade existing beds, but I expect that once either/both of those are in & working we’ll see some improvements :slight_smile: .

Two ways of going about this I think - though I’d like to see both in the game:

  1. Zones as per Gnomoria & DF. Three basic options: an unclaimed room (hearthlings pick it or not as they see fit), claimed room (you specify who lives where, includes an option for "… and family), and bunk room (hearthlings never own beds etc in here - first come first served, for the homeless).

  2. Owned buildings. Uses the same 3 options as above, but gives them an entire building.


I second this fully.


I can actually place a bed ON a stockpile, I don’t think you should be able to do that.
I was attempting to return it to the stockpile but is seems there is no function to do that.
I agree with the op we need a destroy item choice.
I am playing the Alpha 5 release, since my system will not run the current latest build release, on steam.


I though you could return items to the stockpile. I think when the bed is selected there is an icon (lower left of screen) that looks like a chair with an up arrow in the background. I may have remembered the details incorrectly.


You can, but in his suggestion he doesn’t want the bed to just take up space in the stockpile. I think the real fix is when the trader arrives, cause then you can sell the trader your beds for gold.


Ahhh! My mistake. A way of getting rod of excess would be good, for gold or not.


at the time I posted this I did state I could only play what was billed as the stable release of A5 and that menu had no option to return items. since the bug stopping me from playing the latest builds has been corrected I now don’t have this issue