Bringing back the Owned Bed System

So, Alpha 6 took away the process that villagers would claim beds that would be theirs. This kinda disappointed me, I loved the idea of claiming beds because once you put those beds in a house it would for all intensive purposes be that villagers house. This helped me create a flow for my towns streets and resource locations as well as making the game more efficient to play.

I’d like to see the Bed Ownership return, I miss the organization factor it added.


I agree, I would even go so far as to add a feature like assigning a house to a certain villager or class of villager. It could be used to make all sorts of specific buildings:
Assign to footman– Barracks etc…


Bed ownership has some unanswered questions:

  • Can multiple people share one bed? Think of families or similar.
  • What happens if the only available bed is an owned one? Does the citizen sleep on the floor? Does it violate the ownership?
  • Can multiple beds be owned by one guy?
  • Will they prefer owned beds to unowned ones? How far would they go to reach one?

and so forth. Although this sounds extremely micromanagy, I would like beds to have options:

  • Owner(s): Who owns this bed?
  • Exclusivity:
  • Nobody can use this bed (for the purely decorative)
  • Only the owner can use this bed
  • Everybody can use this bed in an emergency1
  • Everybody can use this bed, but preferred by the owner(s)

1: An emergency can be defined as “I’m really tired but this isn’t my bed”. Additional factors, such as “My owner(s) are not sleepy right now and therefore not in immediate need of a bed” can also be applied to create a more… friendly filter.

The class filter is actually a good idea; maybe the owner-filter itself could be based on profession, level, gender or individuals. Maybe even families, should they be implemented at some point.

Ah, grandson, in this bed, crafted by your grand-grand-grand-grand-grandfather a thousand years ago, have all your ancestors slept at some point. Sometimes together. I’ll explain when you’ve grown up.


This is a bit like Repeatpan said.

Maybe just when you place a bed, everyone can use it. But you can also click on a bed and then assign it to people. This way you can personalize houses and stuff


I believe bed ownership is coming back… I can’t grab the quote at the moment, but @Tom (or was it @Ponder?) mentions this in the last Dev blog comments…

You know how workshops show who they’re owned by? Beds should do that. Then when you click on that text it could bring up some sort of citizen selection window for the more micromanagy of us. This could either be like a standard pick-one dropdown, or a list of every citizen with a check-box next to it if we want multiple people to use unoccupied beds. Now there are just a few more situations, and here are some suggested Owned by texts for them. Owned by Nobody for an unclaimed and/or unset bed, Owned by All / Communal / Public/ For Emergency Use for a bed anyone can use if unoccupied, and Banned for a purely decorative bed.


This was the only part of the alpha 6 announcement which confused me… it felt like it was going backwards rather than forwards. I do think that the devs will figure out some system which will allow you mark a bed to a particular hearthling… but that will come later.

I would really like to see the return of bed ownership. As Pandemic said, with bed ownership you can have, for example, a carpenter reside in a carpenters house/workshop. Otherwise we have a situation like in the recent ill-fated Simcity where people return to a random house at the end of each day.

Maybe there could be a special type of bed, e.g. a bedroll, that could be used by anyone. Or just allow certain beds to be open to all.


Yeah, I’d like to chime in on this as well.

I miss the bed ownership system. I think having a bed owned by a certain person works. I tend to build my houses around a certain member of the tribe, and if I build a house for my carpenter, I think he should be able to sleep in it.

I do like the idea of assigning a bed to a person via a button click.

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I’m just going to assume for now that it was removed for important reasons, and that come Alpha 7/8 or whatever we’ll see a much better ownership system in its place.