"Masochist" Goblin bug

When I refused to satisfy the goblins they went into attack mode and 4 out of the 5 goblin footmen went and stood on the wicked fire pit. They had the little bubbles with the sword above themselves as meaning to be aggressive but didn’t move or do anything. This doesn’t happen until they are at war with you though. They don’t move until each one is attacked, that’s when they will bug out of the fire pit and start to fight. This has happened on all 5 of my different towns. This is the x64 Alpha 9 version 256 no error message appears when the camp spawns or goes to war.

The goblins don’t attack your village instantly from my experience

But it’s normal for them to stand on the fire-pit like that?

No, but it’s a known bug. Some people say that it’s because you walled your town.


That’d odd because my town has not been walled in and everything is on level ground.



others not. :smile:


I’m one of the masochist goblin people with walls. :smile:

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