Map saving syntax

As a Mac user I don’t have access to the game currently, but…

Does anybody have any knowledge regarding syntax of map saving, or more specifically entity positioning i.e. How the game determines where you previously built structures etc upon loading? I would assume it’s saved locally and if so can anybody quickly upload a copy of their save (if these configurations are saved here) or a save with perhaps a few buildings and misc game utilities such as carpenters benches etc so I can determine if everything is saved in the same manner.

Thank you!

Side note, is there any information regarding when Mac OS support will be available?

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An official mac version is still a long way away(definetly after beta), but there are ways to play it on mac:

As for you question about the saving mechanics, I have no clue.


Wineskin! I completely forgot! Thanks!


Building templates are in JSON. There are a couple examples on my Vanilla Modding thread, but I don’t know if they would be useful, or if saves are saved similarly.

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