Make water lava?

so in the comments of the volcano land biome on steam, people are talking about going into the files to make water do fire damage, I was wondering how to do that, or if there was another way to implement lava into the game?

It’s definitely possible… The problem is that right now the AI makes no effort whatsoever to avoid water, which means that people would carelessly try to walk through lava as if going to pick flowers on a happy sunday :jubilant:
I imagine such a change would be… rather lethal for your game :jubilant:

Lava could definitely be added as a fluid, through a mod, and work similarly to water but with specific/unique properties and new AI for lings to avoid it, etc… But as you can probably guess, it wouldn’t be easy, probably why it’s not made yet.

Bruno has “lava” blocks in a volcano landmark on his Archipelago Biome mod, but they’re not a fluid.