Possible to make an item that creates water?

First off let me just say I’m not a modder. I have zero knowledge of coding or what’s possible.

Would it be possible to make an item that can release water to fill an area? Could be used to make waterfalls as well. I understand water still needs some work so I get it if it’s something nobody would touch. Just asking if it’s possible.

Was just thinking a level 6 potter recipe that requires a decorative vase, maybe each type of buff tonic from an herbalist, and a donation from a cook to make a vase called Rayya’s Gift which releases water.

I agree with you… Need one too.

It has been done before – in fact, there was a mod previously which added water sources, drains, wells and even coloured water. That was back when water was still being initially developed (in fact, the mod started out as a way to simply turn water on, since it was in the code but didn’t appear in the game yet), and I know that the water was simplified before it was released in its current state so I don’t know if all those functions are still available.

[MOD] [SPOILERS] Water Mod v0.7.0 Here’s that previous mod, although it’s obviously not working in the current version of the game it may perhaps provide a starting point for others to carry on :slight_smile:


Oh wow thanks! That looks great. I was just curious cause I was playing in a Sacred Forest biome and had water on top of the mountain. I walled off a section and dug a channel and then once my walled off section filled up I destroyed it and had an awesome waterfall effect going…at least until the water drained from the upper pool.


Uhm, there is a Water Well in the cooking mod ? Stonehearth Cafe i think. It harvests water as a drinkable/ingredient

Yeah, there is. I didn’t mean consumable water, but water for decorative/environment purposes.