Fog stone and lava stone

Why do the creepy crypts get to have fog but we can’t? We need a fog stone so we can make creepy graveyards and crypts and maybe just a big castle.

Maybe a lava stone so our friendly Zilla have somewhere to play? lol


This is the one thing I’m afraid will never be possible once the devs go hands off: the framework, as far as I know, is not there for more then one type of water. (which would be lava)
The fog one is easily done and has been done already by more then one enviroment mod.

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Fog stone is a cool idea. I’ll see if I can sneak it in. Lava isn’t gonna fit into the main game, but it can definitely be modded in with enough effort - the water system is purely Lua.


Yay! Spooktacular buildings in the future :smiley:

Are we talking hunger-but named differently is thirst kind of lua, or RepeatPan kind of lua?

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Probably the former, but dealing with performance fallout might involve the latter.