Make Trees Harder to Grow in the Desert

I was recently playing as the Ascendency in the Desert [because, you know me, I just had to be that guy] and in the beginning, it was pretty challenging and awesome. I quarried the mountains and sold everything I could spare in order to get more wood, a bit at a time from a passing woodcutter, without completely deforesting my tiny acacia grove. Eventually, though, buying wood became much easier - way too easy - as my town grew. And after I farmed some saplings, wood became pretty much trivial. I had large oak trees growing left and right. Wood wasn’t really a challenge anymore.

I actually liked that challenge. I suppose I could enforce it on myself by not growing trees and limiting the amount of wood I buy, but for me that’s not as interesting. To me, playing as one kingdom in another’s preferred biome should present some interesting challenges throughout, not just to start off with.


That’s a good point. You start with clay and your Harry Potter, so you don’t need wood. We can also imagine a new system that gives a boost, like if trees are near water

I really think a system needs to be in place that restricts what type of plants grow/rate of growth in each biome. I highly doubt you should be able to grow pine and oak trees in the desert.

Though if this type of system was in place, it would be intersting to go one step further and also switch the growing rates depending on what type of terrain you are placing them in as well. I would think some plants who are native to the plains will not grow as quickly in the foothills as the land is more rocky and less nutrient dense.


Like linking the tree rate with grow speed ?

Here’s a thought, should the farmer crops be biome dependent instead of kingdom dependent? So the crops you can grow depend on where you play, not who you play…

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Could always have them dependent on both? If you play as Rayaa, you might be able to plant turnips and corn in the temperate biome but you might also bring along the golden gourds and see that they grow fine there as well. :wink: While the Acendency imported pumpkins to their new world? All the possibilities!!!


And why not buying new crops but that’s a very remote idea.
If crops are biome and kingdom dependent, that’s suppose that several kingdoms will have to be added, otherwise kingdom dependent is certainly not the best.
Making biome dependent let some kingdoms be settled in the same biome without being the same kingdoms and that opens many doors.

Perhaps you can only grow it if you harvested it once. So if you harvest a berry bush is becomes available to farm. Also if you where to grow a three that has special needs, it would die if planted in the wrong biome.

That’s an interesting question. On the one hand, in the real world, most crops can only be grown in certain temperatures. On the other hand, crops are a nice opportunity to add… erm… flavor to each kingdom.

A combination sounds best, but it might get complicated pretty quickly.


I think that makes the most sense, what you grow depends on the available climate, not who grows it.

To grow stuff faster near water would also make sense. I’d be greatful for Acacia saplings (didn’t find an apropriate thread…) because I really run low on wood whenever I’m in the desert, but growing oaks there seems even more stupid…

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I couldn’t farm saplings oddly, and just to add you need the wood for scaffolding so wood’s not entirely useless aside from the obvious carpentry stuffs