Make placement of all item types be remembered

Currently, in the place item menu, when you place some items (e.g. tables, 49:39), they are remembered and remain on the cursor so you can place more at once, and when you place other types of items, that is not the case (e.g. wall-mounted lanterns, 48:23). I like the former mechanic better, and I think it should be extended to item types that currently use the latter mechanic as well.


Ah, I suspect I know what’s up with that. Items that you place outside a building will remain on the cursor if you have more. Anything you try and place inside a building will “fall off” the cursor with each one. No idea if that’s intended functionality or not though.

But I was placing it on the outside of a building! So that shouldn’t be it, right?

On or inside is pretty much the same here. I meant not connected to a building at all. I may still be wrong, but that’s the way it seems to work for me.

Oh, that’s what you meant. I see. That might be the case, then. Regardless, I don’t think I like it, really.

I don’t quite understand what’s happening.

When you use the place item tool (p hotkey), you should be able to click to select the item you want to place and then place several of that item in the world one after the other (assuming you have that many). It works like this some of the time. Phagocytosis’ video shows how it should work.

The rest of the time, you’ll click to select the item you want to place, then click to place the first of that item into the world. Doing so places the item, but unselects the item in the place item dialog. So then you have to go click it in the place item dialog again before you can place the second.