Make Key Combinations Work More Smoothly

When you press Ctrl+C at the same time to open the console, it sometimes reads just the C and opens the Citizens menu. To get the console to open reliably, you have to start holding Ctrl and then press C, which feels very awkward.

When you press Alt+Z at the same time to hide the UI, it sometimes reads the Z seperately and both hides/shows the UI and opens/closes the zoning bar. For a long time I didn’t realize that was what was happening and I was just annoyed that sometimes the grid showed back up when I hid the UI to take screenshots. Starting to hold Alt and then pressing Z just toggles the UI more reliably, but again this is awkward.

Right now, I don’t think this is unintended behavior even if it is annoying, so I’m not filing it as a bug report. It’s just a little thing - and I imagine it would take a lot of work behind the scenes - but I would love to see this fixed some day.


yes, I agree, this is rather annoying when using key combinations…

This is how key combinations work in general. You do not press them simultaneous, you first press and hold the special key, than you press the common key, release it, then release the special key.


For some reason Stonehearth’s feel a lot stricter to me, though. And then, Alt+Z at the same time both hiding the UI and opening the zoning menu is still a bug as much as Word undoing your last action and then typing Z would be.

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I have this problem with the loot key command, which is shift-l, and I accidentally activate the ladder tool, which is just l

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when pressing C there is no delay. but when you press control + C you have to hold control for a second before pressing C.

this is an odd behavior unique to stonehearth requiring a delay at the beginning of a key combination.

its as if the game wants to pull up the citizen window no matter what context C is pressed in. so the delay is there to give the game a period of time to realize to not force the window open but to send the key combination. its a bit strange


Was this changed?
Since I do not have any delay at all.

no, it still requires me to wait half a second before pressing C

I think it’s working like BrunoSupremo said, holding Ctrl, pressing C, releasing C, releasing Ctrl.
It’s not good if it’s reading both Z and Alt+Z at the same time, either.

@Carl_Quinn was investigating this :content:


I have already found and fixed the ctrl+c weirdness in a branch. We were looking at the keyup event for C, when it should be keydown. I’m right now fixing up these little weirdnesses by consolidating code, or at least making it consistent.


I just want to add as well. Pause needs to be on the space bar. I don’t understand why it’s not, when in literally every other game the space bar is pause. Drives me crazy. (Not really, but still)


Pause is the spacebar in many games, but certainly not all. Spacebar is very popular for jump in some games. What would be nice is if controls were easily changed in the UI (I think this is planned, perhaps @Relyss or @Carl_Quinn can confirm).


My current set of tasks is all about making input handling more consistent, and then make the bindings user configurable.