Comprehensive list of all controls in latest version

I’m updating the most popular Steam Controller binding to bring it in line with the latest version and add in some new Steam Controller features (so now Loot, Designate Pasture, and Design Building all work correctly!). The wiki seems pretty out of date and is missing important information like the keyboard shortcut to bring up the console or still listing Parties as G, however, and I want to make sure all keybinds are accessible without getting up to use your keyboard.

Is there any comprehensive list of all currently functional keybinds in Stonehearth? Why do quicksave, quickload, and reset AI not seem to work anymore? Do the Info Dock controls listed in the wiki (shift+1/2/3) actually do anything? What commands actually need you to be in Debug mode to work (not including commands that simply don’t work at all anymore)?

UI don’t know if there is a nice list at the moment, but the hotkeys are hardcoded in in the json file: .\stonehearth\data\ui\start_menu.json

:rolling_eyes: hope there will be otions to set or view them soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to include function keys, the console shortcut, or debug commands. Where would this stuff be found?

I did a bit of searching just now but they are defined all over the places …

in stonehearth\ui\game\widgets\game_speed\game_speed.js you see game speeds 1-4
in stonehearth\ui\game\widgets\terrain_vision\terrain_vision.html v for vision and x for xray built button direct in html
in stonehearth\ui\game\widgets\terrain_vision\terrain_vision.js “”, “[”, and “]” for slice, up, down

since I did not find function keys or console they could be implemented in the engine.

There are no hotkeys defined in debug tools mod as far as I can search :wink:

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