Implement Hotkeys for new features


I play SH mostly using the keyboard instead of klicking through the menu and noticed that some hotkeys seem to be missing. There aren’t hotkeys for making paths or animal grounds (don’t kow the exact name yet. The area were you keep your sheeps) for example.

I know that little things like this aren’t high on the priority list but I believe that they aren’t had to implement.

Would it be possible to add hotkeys for new features the moment when the new feature is implemented?

Thank you very much.


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As an avid gamer and an avid keyboard and mouse user, can you explain the advantage of keyboard only? I can never figure this out when I see it. To me, it’s like having one hand tied behind your back. :neutral_face:


I agree that hotkeys are great but its not such a hard task to click the hunting ground or anything else.
As you said, its a low priority and they want to bug fix before adding things such as hotkeys

Hotkeys are already implemented and I know that it is not a hard task to click a button. That’s not the point. The point is that I don’t want to move my mouse and click it (and move back into the screen afterwards), when there is a more comfortable way for me to do it with a key that is already under my hand (I use a gaming keypad from Razer, so I don’t even have to move my hand over the keyboard. Efficiency 'n stuff). It’s not that hard to add keys to the already implemented other hotkeys.

I’d totally understand your point of bugfix-prioritization, if I’d ask for a whole new feature here. But I don’t.

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Are we talking about SH or Gaming in general?

For gaming in general, Mouse and Keybard are simply better (in terms of speed and accuracy) than other input devices like game-controllers. Every top-down game (like League of Legends, the ANNO-series and other games of similiar genres) can be played much more efficiently with mouse and keyboard. Ego-Shooter are another perfect example of Keyboard/Mouse superiority over Controllers. But there are also examples of Game-Genres were Controllers are better. I’d never play a Beat 'em Up with a Keyboard.

However… In this case I’d just like to use my Razer Orbweaver gaming keypad like in every other game. It’s just much more comfortable and faster than clicking.

Well for different games it does make sense, if I were to play an RTS like Age of Empires or StarCraft then I hotkey everything! But games like League of Legends of FPS or MMOs then you do need the mouse. Stonehearth is deffinetly a game that works better with hotkeys but I still use my mouse to place everything. I still firmly use both my mouse and keyboard for all game types but hotkeys are helpful bonuses yo make things easier. I know they have done a few hotkeys but its not been done for every usages as its not priority.

Oh, didn’t I make that clear? I use the mouse too, of course (I don’t think it is possible without). My point is that I just want the missing hotkeys, which shouldn’t be hard to add since there are already hotkeys.

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Ahh okay, it seemed that you used your keyboard over your mouse and did it that way. Yeah I understand and maybe a modder can’t get this done until the Devs sort it. Put a request in and see if someone can do it :slight_smile:

hey there @Wewius … welcome aboard! :smile:

as there are already a number of associated hotkeys, I would agree…

and I am sure some of our enterprising modders could shed some light on creating additional hotkey mappings (in the interim) until this is something the typical user would be able to do “out of the box”… something I wager Radiant will eventually enable (via an in-game settings page)…


Yeah and it would be nice if we could remap them ourselves. Those of us with micro skills (Starcraft, Warcraft, etc) would greatly appreciate the use of more hotkeys :wink:

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Don’t know why, but I NEVER use hotkeys EVER. Only for LOTRO.

Does anybody have a list of currently available hotkeys?

The only ones I know, and use, are ‘p’ for the placement panel, and the panic button ‘r’

i dont know them all but heres a few:

T = Trapper Zone
Z/X = X-ray mode
F = Farming
M = Mining
H = Harvest
B = Build
L = Ladder

Cant think of any others right now, but those are the ones i know.

Why does no one look in the wiki? Controls - Official Stonehearth Wiki


There doesn’t seem to be a hotkey for the party screen. Or if there is, it’s not shown in the tooltip.