Steam Controller Native Support

Hey, I’ve made the current top Steam Controller binding for Stonehearth. While it mostly works, I’m unable to bind stuff like Loot or Designate Pasture because the game won’t accept simultaneous input of shift + a letter to be the same as a capital version of that letter. Rebinding the controls through an in-game menu won’t work because I’m trying to set up a quality “default” binding for Stonehearth, one that works out of the box without requiring the user to do anything special.

I would love for Stonehearth to include native support for the Steam Controller. It’s really easy to do, no harder than allowing custom keybinds, but it allows players using a Steam Controller a far better “out of the box” experience. It allows us to have very unorthodox bindings without interfering with keyboard bindings, having native action set support for different screens in the game means we can have controls change depending on what screen we’re looking at.

It would also be great if the devs would set a Recommended configuration, so that everyone gets the same experience out of the box. The devs are welcome to copy my configuration wholesale and make their own tweaks, especially if it meant using an in-game touch menu with Stonehearth’s cute artstyle instead of the vague approximations I use with Valve’s generic clip art. A Recommended configuration could also change over time, unlike community configurations, so controls could change in the game without SC users suddenly being unable to access new menus or shortcuts.


Just want to say thank you for the configuration, I use it too :slight_smile:

Of course, cute sh icons would be realy great :smiley: