Steam controller

Anybody try using the steam controller on Stonehearth, if so how is it?

I’m not even sure you can play with a controller. If so, Steam controller is certainly too young to be compatible. Plus, it’s a bit expensive :smirk:


I’d love to give my opinion on the steam controller, but I’d hate to have my account banned from steam. They messed up in it’s design, that’s all I will say. I personally use a DualShock 4 Controller, but not with Stonehearth, not sure SH can even use a controller.

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I have used it and its fine, the controller is a bit too sensitive in places but those things will be ironed out in time.

You can’t use other controllers as the steam controller is recognised as a mouse and keyboard device as well as a gamepad, unless of course you use some 3rd party software to hijack the gamepads inputs.


The last steam update has fixed my problems and using it for rts games is a joy IMHO.

I was using my controller earlier. It works pretty well. [quote=“Rezo2012, post:3, topic:18332”]
They messed up in it’s design, that’s all I will say.
They didnt mess up the design because they’re trying to be different. This makes me wonder if you even have one because mine feels awesome in my hands after using it for more than a few hours to get used to.

That’s the beauty of the steam controller… Again… I think you don’t own one. You can play any game with it because it emulates a keyboard and mouse when there is no support for a gamepad. I was playing SH earlier with it and it was fine.

Cheaper than Playstation and XBox controllers by $10, but still too expensive. :disappointed: /s