Make Female Rabbits by Having Their Ears Swept Back

Sorry, just saw the live feed. That’s my two cents. Male rabbits have ears perked up, female rabbits ears are style by being swept back or ponytail style or pigtail style or across the eyes Jennifer Aniston style, I don’t know. But this way you don’t have to resort to colouring with pink or making big red lips like you mentioned!

Hope this helps!


Another idea could be to give the male rabbits tufts of fur on the ends of the ears.


When Tom (I think it was Tom streaming, not sure) opened the link that was being suggested for the ears swept back the initial reaction was that he thought someone was trying to make him open some softcore furry porn when in fact, if you read what the user suggested is just the ears, not the entire body of the female bunny.

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I figured a small Paul Revere style ponytail would be easy to include. No hairbow, lipstick or eyelashes needed.

Hair has already been added to the model, just make it a little longer in the back.

Thank you for realizing what I was trying to accomplish. Most rabbit ponytails have the ears pinned together, but this image showed the ears parted (which is kinda what I had in mind). I couldn’t understand exactly what the problem was at first. Unfortunately, to my shock and embarrassment, about 10 minutes after the Live Stream ended I was closing that link and I finally looked below the characters neck. I am so thankful that the image was not pornographic and just racy. If Tom reads this thread, know that I am so sorry and that my intent was not to embarrass anyone but only to make an honest suggestion.

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Ahaha, I was wondering why Tom reacted the way he did when he saw that picture during the stream! I think having the ears swept back is definitely not a bad idea!

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Kinda like this?


I actually really like the idea that was mentioned in the the stream re: humans simply not being able to clearly tell the genders of the bunnyfolk apart. I can’t tell what gender a normal rabbit is just by looking, either. Plus if they’re meant to be a dwarf-analog that fits also, in a lot of fantasy male and female dwarves are indistinguishable.


Very good point. However, I’m not sure how dependent on gender relationships between NPCs and their relationship to you will be yet. It might prove to be very useful to be able to easily determine gender at a glance once we get our hands on the beta.

This is very cute but we were talking about the Rabbit Clan faction and not the cute little bunnies hopping about… or at least I was. :wink:

Ahhhh I feel kinda stupid now xD

It’s fine. No one ever really specified which bunnies we were talking about anyway. Plus, the community ended up with a great looking bunny that’s cute as a button. :wink:

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Hey Tom,
The rabbit next to the female rabbit (the black and white one) has a pattern on it’s chest (the neck/chest fur in white) that contrasts with the black body. The line of that looks like a blouse. Add that to the femail rabbit, it will make her look more feminine.
Just a thought.

Hey guys. I’m not unsatisfied with the way the female rabbit turned out, but I’ll play around with different ear arrangements.

I recoiled at that rabbit pictures because it used every dirty trick in the book to encode “this is a girl.” Pink, sexy pose, sultry eyes…the works. Except for the ears (which is what the guy was trying to point out) it was the exact opposite of everything that I want our female characters to be.

Carry on!


Mad props for not going for the lazy and exploitative methods.


Well, for what it’s worth, I am very sorry for the oversight. All I saw were the ears and I forgot that I had “safe search” turned off. It was certainly not my intention to offend you since I have so much respect for you as a gamer and a developer. I hope you don’t hold it against me as I hope to remain an active member of the community. Thank you and congrats on hitting another stretch goal… I’m really pulling for you guys.

No worries! I wasn’t offended. Just surprised.


While watching the recorded video I had an immediate thought: “Make female rabbit ears a tad pointy!” Just a little, maybe the points pointing back a wee bit and make the female ears a tad more slender and elegant in general.
After all: Is it not unnecessary for the female rabbits to be obvious from miles away? Male and female rabbits in general looks quite similar too. :smiley:

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I can’t actually remember what the bunny’s look like … but couldn’t you just have a different coloured body for each gender [url] Nidoran style?[/url]

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I’m glad. I will be sure to not be so quick on the draw in posting hastily searched for internet material in the future. There has been a lot of great suggestions for Rabbit folk of the female variety and I’m sure they’re going to look awesome in the end. Good luck in sorting out all the wonderful madness that your Kickstarter campaign has brought you guys and best wishes.