[Random Idea] about changing genders on villagers?


so i was watching the archives & when Tom/Tony (i apologize but i still cant see who’s who between you two. no offence intended) said that we could change the gender & how the villagers look

is it possible to make “all” of them Female/Male??


98% of the time, @Tom is conducting the streams, so its a safe bet you heard him commenting on the subject… :smiley:

i vaguely recall the response as well, and my guess is, if one any one unit’s gender can be changed, then they would all be changeable…


ahhh i see thanks XD would love to make a a Yaoi/Yuri village X3


@AuraFort funny because i just watch that one last as of the ones i have watch, it was during his making of the Forging of the magma smith at the end of it he talked bout it. but it would be weird if you could do that by just changing its class…


really? srry didn’t feel weird to me i must be reading too much Gender-Bender VN’s & manga’s


looks at topic
I’m confused…

reads topic
I’m still confused…

leaves topic
Why am I so confused?


I could actually imagine like an Amazonian village popping up somewhere. Pretty cool idea.


its perfectly natural… you see, as we get older, our bodies go through changes and… :dash:

this would be interesting to stumble upon… they might only trade with female representatives from your settlement, etc.


The mono-gendered village could be interesting, just make sure that they’re not human or you’ll have people asking how they can maintain a population with only one gender and out of the 5 main reasons the only one that people tend to deal with well is magic, particularly for humans. By the way the 5 main reasons used are magic, hermaphrodites, inter-species breeding, gentalia changing, and rape, that last in particular disconcerts people particularly when they realise that the most notable example is centaurs from greek mythology which are both relatively widespread in fantasy and male mono-gendered. Why do you think Umbridge was terrified of them after being kidnapped at the end of HP 5? Now that you pictured that you understand why I spoilered these, don’t you?

Somehow I ended up mildly off topic there but I’d say no to changing your villagers genders outside of their original creation, not without powerful magic anyway as you’re meant to get somewhat attached to your villagers and being able to change their appearance/gender at will wouldn’t be conducive to that.


I also agree with @Xavion, at least in the sense that changing your villagers look and gender at will would reduce your attachment to them; they stop being ‘individuals’ and start being playing pieces.



absolutely agreed… but i thought that was implied, at least, that was my understanding! :smiley:

once you “acquire” a new unit, however that comes about, at that time the gender, and other characteristics would be determined… once you’ve settled on Steve, there’s no changing him to Stephanie, no matter how much @Geoffers747 would like to…


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. One big thing that draws me to these types of games is getting attached to the villagers. But like Steve was saying, being able to customize the units when you acquire them could make some sense.


back! ohh & everyone has his/her own ideas but i wanted to make something like this ingame & was wondering if it was possible

and i got this from “Choujigen Game Neptune- The Animation” intro (and yes there are no males atm in this show ^_^)