Hmm... I don't think it's a bug but it is definitely interesting

So I started up a brand new world and… THERE WAS A WORLD OF FEMALESSSSSS… So now I have a female carpenter and will make the Amazonian army! :smile: ( . Y . )

It’s not a bug at all, other than having one female all other villagers are randomly gendered. So with the 6 villagers you’d have a 1 in 32 chance, it’s actually fairly likely.

Oh… okay… But when the time comes how are my ladies supposed to get more little slav- workers?

The question was asked in the ask radiant thing. Current plan is to recruit people from travelling caravans with food.

I see… okay I watched one of their streams, but I wasn’t unfortunately unable to watch more than that.

here’s said thing… :smile: