Old Wish Came True!

I"m a little bit late but our towns Net is back so i got to download SH for the first time, & then it generated all of the settlers to all Female! maybe it’s a bug but it’s awesome! XD

It’s been mentioned before, it’s not a bug. All males is a bug though for some reason, anyway there’s like a 3% chance of getting all females


welcome back @AuraFort… and congratulations on your little Amazonian paradise… :smile:


Thanks & yeah but i hope some day there will be an option or a mod to do that

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Thanks & yeah but i hope some day there will be an option or a mod to do that

I believe Radiant has said in one of the live streams that at the beginning of a game you will be able to customize your settlers including sex. that would at least let you start the game with an all female town. As far as added settlers as the game progresses… that has not been discussed.[

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It doesn’t take a lot to modify rp_lucky_worker to skip the male part and just create females (or simply use RP’s API to just generate females; it’s about one line of lua…!)

that might sound simple to you but i haven’t done any of those things since high school & they sound very complicated to me now T_T

radiant.events.listen(radiant.events, 'stonehearth:faction_created', radiant.events, function(event) radiant.events.listen(event.object, 'stonehearth:propose_citizen_gender', event.object, function(e) table.insert(e.proposals, { priority = math.huge, gender = 'female' }) end) end)

Well alright it’s perhaps a bit more than one line of lua if done properly. A cleaner version would look like this, with line 9 simply being local gender = 'female'. But that’s using RP’s current API, not the official modding one.

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right thanks & noted, will have to wait for the official modding API but thanks