Make certain items non-flammable

I noticed a goblin steal a Hunk 'o Stone and light it on fire at their campsite. It probably makes sense to keep certain item types from being lit on fire, stone items being a good example. Although I guess there’s nothing else the goblins could do with it for the time being…


Yeah, I think ti’s safe to assume this is placeholder behavior.


I think so too, in which case this thread can just serve as a kind of documentation/reminder for developers. I mean, I’m sure they have something like that anyway, but if nothing else, if you get similar documentation on the forum, they can estimate how strongly the community wants it based on response and likes and such. That’s usually my thinking in reporting these kinds of things.

also, I had a problem were a goblin killed my carpenter and burned his saw. past that point I was literally stuck because I couldn’t get a mason to get me a black smith to get me another carpenter. :frowning: