Magma Smith questions and ideas

I don’t know if these things have been asked (except by me but never got a reply) so just wondering what everyone thinks.
Will the Magma Smith be able to make things out of obsidian? Like maybe walls, doors, draw bridges or even furniture (I would love to make an obsidian bed frame). Possibly weapons and armor when as he gets to a higher level. Maybe at some point castle walls not with like lava pots or special bricks. Ideas?

Well, judging by the description on the kickstarter:

"An Apprentice Smith learns his trade by plying lava rivulets into shining arms and armor of black glass.

As the smith’s mastery grows, he will learn to redirect underground magma flows, raise whole sheets of lava into towering walls, and hurl balls of fiery destruction at intruders."

The things you outline would make a lot of sense. He is a magma smith after all and as such it would make sense if he were to produce things such as weaponry and armour using magma.

As far as I know we haven’t been told the exact specifics on what the magma smith will be able to create ( @voxel_pirate has a freakishly good memory in regards to this sort of thing so he’ll be able to correct me if I’m wrong!)

I cannot remember either that details have been mentioned. Tom just made some general statements in the stream where he modelled the Magma Smith… at least this is what my freakishly good memory tells me :wink:.


i dropped this thread in Gameplay, and i’ve taken the liberty of adding your question to the livestream question bank, as it seems like a good addition… :smiley:

Thanks. Well I guess as long as I am on the topic I am also wondering about the geomancer and the engineer. Like maybe using the geomancer to raise the ground for the foundation of a building. I noticed that everyone that I have seen has just bee on the ground. Last question. Does anyone know if there will be something like siege engines or giant mounted crossbows. kind of like the ones parapets? I would imagine they might help with things like titans.

its seem entirely possible:smiley:

Will there be siege weapons? 2 - Livestream - 2:44:42

“Sounds cool, but they would have to be defensive because in the initial version of the game the odds of you going out to another city and sieging it are not necessarily super high because again we want the focus to be on your town.”

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Yeah meant more for like the titans or goblin raids.