macOS unstable branch live now


Sorry totally forgot about my comment… Yes I forgot to select it with the pointer, sorry for not letting anything know earlier but thank you for your help.


Hello, a new crash (i cant continu my game) with a news install game.
export-bug-2.pdf (94.7 KB

Thank you :slight_smile:



It says I am in the “macos” branch when I check.


You should not be on the macos branch on windows, try with stable.


Then which branch should I use to be able to play with my Mac friend? There isn’t another branch I can see that is the same version as the macos branch. I can see the latest, legacy_vista, and macos betas, am I missing a branch that I have to opt into?


You should be able to play even with the version mismatch, let me know if it fails!


When we try, she gets disconnected from my server after a moment of attempting to connect. We haven’t tried me joining her server since her internet and computer is considerably weaker than mine.


When you use stable and she uses macos and she connects as a client?


Yes, that’s correct. I can try it again if you want.


Ah okay, that did work for me before, sorry! Any other details could help me debug, the log file from your comp & her comp would be useful.


Of course, here is our logs. stonehearthMac.log (33.8 KB)
stonehearthPC.log (5.4 MB)


thank you!


Been waiting the mac version for years (literally!).
I’ve just seen that its availible as unstable! Will buy the game and try tonight!


Got a patch on Steam the other day - not sure if it was actually a patch or just Steam fixing the files, Regardless, it seems to CTD a little less since then.


That’s interesting, I haven’t patched macOS, are you double sure you’re on the macos branch?


Certain I’m on macos branch. I’ll chalk it up to steam doing some kind of file validation and redownloading something.


Any updates on the status of this version?


In progress! I was able to fix the crashes reported here, but oddly, I’ve had to disable all of the particle effects… so not quite there yet but progress!




Hi all! I just pushed an update for macos that should fix those crashes, and fixes the HQ renderer! Feedback & testing would be super appreciated!