M&B Warband (EVENT"S) DLC Optional!

Good Day fellow Stonehearthians upon the 16th of November we the Mount and Blade warband Community of Stonehearth are having a Horde mode event where we will be playing with the Anglo Zulu mod for the M&B warband, DLC
I shall be hosting server and you can get the mod right here ( http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-anglo-zulu-war ) from the mount and blade modding community, to install the mod simply go to download on the mod page and click on Anglo Zulu war Version 4 click download click the download on the other download page (it will pop up) and wait for it to download after that go press on the downloaded content and save it than it will be like installing a new game, but with a mod instead. The server name shall be Stonehearth4Life and the password shall be the server name (I will make a post if the password doesn’t work/fit) Also @Wildcat will post the times soon enough. Have a Great Day and Hope to see ya all there! :smile:
God bless Everyone!

P.S. any questions?

Sounds cool :slight_smile: hope i can play with you guys

81 do you have steam?
I want to friend you:)

Hiya folks! I (hopefully) will be turning the server on at 5:30 - 5:45 CST. We had a few malfunctions with @KingMooCow’s server so he passed it along to me. Id like to say I have some experience hosting servers, I had a Terraria server, Minecraft server, and occasionally me and some friends would hop on my Killing Floor server.


Some other helpful conversions:

Oslo (Norway) = 01:00 AM
Berlin (Germany) = 01:00 AM
Amsterdam (Netherlands) = 01:00 AM
Sydney (Australia) = 09:00 AM
Paris (France) = 01:00 AM
Moscow (Russia) = 03:00 AM
London (England) = 00:00 AM

Anyways! The game will be at 4 pm CST. I hope we see you there!

Okay, thank you @voxel_pirate for making this table it is extremely helpful. I was getting very confused and didn’t understand the time zones. I hope its okay that I used it from you.

hello @KingMooCow… good luck with your hording! :smile:

i took the liberty of stripping out a portion of the CAPS LOCK, as it was making my eyes bleed… i hope you can understand… i was really thinking of the children…


Here is an update the game starts in 2 hours from now and the password is now stonehearth.
P.S. your completely fine @SteveAdamo my friend.

UPDATE The Game is now going to be on the SOCO server it has begone

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Hello my fellow stonehearthians since we had an ok turn out for the Anglo-Zulu mod event I’ve thought why not make this a regular thing where we get together on the weekends and have M&B warband events, So we need suggestions on what to play next for the next M&B warband event. here is an example of what a submission should have

  1. the name of the Game it will be played in (either the Native Mount and Blade warband or the DLC).

  2. name of mod and a video of game play.

3.a Website to get the mod (mod db not nexus you have to be a member to get mods there.)

Than me and wild will see what mod looks like the best for that week all depending on whether people want to play it or whether a holiday is connected to it and its that week we play it. Please send out any mod for you never know what might be good :smile:
also non M&B Warband player please send in submissions too! Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for listening and God Bless ya :smiley:

Curses for my inactivity! I love warband but I just missed this event!

Nevermind I don’t actually have Napoleonic wars

Well @Risko , @KingMooCow and me might be able to discuss having a game on the native game. We will still be using a mod I would think but we can use one that doesn’t require Napoleonic wars.

Alright anyone have any ideas? if not well play the Full invasion 2 mod for native that also is a Horde mod for M&B warband Full Invasion 2 mod for Mount & Blade: Warband - Mod DB
Please get suggestions on what to play next :smile:
God bless everyone and see ya on Saturdays Event!

Edit: Hey Guys its been decided were doing this mod! For Saturday’s event!

THE GAME STARTS IN 1 HOUR FROM NOW GET THE NEWEST MOD UPDATE FROM FRIDAY! (link above) you can tell when games starts from how old this comment is also Friend me if your playing tonight were decideing what server we shall go to in steam chat! ( name Bigmikethatsme )

Welp, do to multiple malfunctions and other lame stuff, we are gonna have to cancel the event. I know, I know, everyone is all let down. But the mod was having alot of issues and things so we cant really play it correctly.

For me, the whole 10 seconds of playing before I got kicked because there was something wrong with my laptop, was loads of fun!
But in other news, ever thought of doing an event in a different game, say Team Fortress 2 or Battlefield 3? Just a thought, might want to mix it up a little.

That sounds good. I’ be glad to take part

ok So for this Weeks mod anyone have any Ideas Go ahead also here is the mod site we get our mods at ( Mods - Mount & Blade: Warband - Mod DB )