Desktop Tuesday: Multiplayer Q&A


“HELP” - I’m going to guess this was Angelo…

Thanks for the Desktop Tuesday, the NPC visiting market stalls sounds AWESOME, thanks for that!


Curious about the northern alliance myself so looking forward to more info :slight_smile:

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Regarding game speed controls: that toggle that lets the host allow or disallow other players to set it is ok, but have you considered a “lowest common denominator” kind of game speed control? This has been successfully used in other multiplayer games with game speed controls in the past, for example “Star Wars: Rebellion”. It works by allowing any and all players set whatever speed they want… but the game runs at the slowest speed that someone currently has picked.

So when there are four players, one has x3 speed, two have x2 speed and one has normal speed, the game will run at normal speed for all four. If the player who was at normal speed then decides to step up to x3 speed, the game will accelerate for everyone to x2. And it will stay there until any single player decides to drop down to normal, or all four decide to go to x3.

In such a setup, perhaps the host could toggle if all players are allowed to pause, or if only the host may.


NPC mechants? Wooooo!


+1… :rofl: :heartpulse:

Looking so much forward to that improved tradingsystem!


About PvP:

while I agree PvP is not much fitting the game in its current form, I think it should be available for those who want it because the code seems to be pretty much in place and working, GUI is all what is needed. AoE2-style diplomacy window would do the trick, and it would be really nice to be able to select and lock teams while setting up the game (so permanent alliances can be formed). Small things needed then would be automatically un-lending Lings if the player they were sent to goes hostile and of course proper notifications when someone changes their attitude towards another player. An ability to steal items from non-friendly players is the only major thing I would add gameplay-wise (maybe via the loot tool). I don’t think it should be forbidden to trade with enemies, if both sides agree then why not?

I understand on one hand why you say it is against the feel of the game for pvp but on the other hand I don’t understand. You are a bigger studio now than you had planned for back in kickstarter, right? It would be cool. Maybe add a darker scenario like “frontlines” where the ascendancy kingdom is in conflict with a border kingdom over the border. Leave out some of the cuteness and add more combat emotions and thoughts for the hearthlings.