Dt: northern alliance & glacier


Other Announcements
Before we go, an important announcement: some of you may have heard on stream last week, or from the announcement here, with the recent addition of the new builder, multiplayer, the titan, the Northern Alliance, the rabbit campaign, the geomancer, and a few more features, our team feels that this game is at last ready for a larger audience. Therefore, we will exit early access and go 1.0 at the end of July, at which point, most of the team will be moving on to other projects. The people who remain will focus on bugfixing, performance, and mod support. As a result, Desktop Tuesdays and Streams, which have always been focused on stuff in progress, will come to a finale on the week of July 23rd. That means one Desktop Tuesday next week, one more the week after, and a final, all-day stream celebrating all the beautiful community content you’ve all created over the last five years, on Thursday, July 26th.

This game has been an incredible journey to take with all of you, and I’m looking forward to sharing all your Stonehearth thoughts here in the comments, on our forum at discourse.stonehearth.net, and on our Thursday streams, which for the next few weeks, you can find at 6:00pm PST on www.twitch.tv/stonehearth. See you there and see you next week!


I guess this is probably the right place.

I finally got time to play Stonehearth, so of course I went with the Northern Alliance and… man, the music’s just so good :jubilant:

If there’s anything I’ll miss most about “the end of Stonehearth” it’s all the great new music :content: