Lydus The Axe Man [Short Stroy]

I chop tree after tree after tree. It’s all I remember, all I’ve ever done is chop and chop and chop. I try to stop but I can’t. It’s as if I have no free will. No control over my own actions. I’m compiled, no driven by (what feels like) divein forces to CHOP THESE TREES! IS THIS TO BE MY LIFE?! NOOOO! NOOOOOOO! I WILL! NO I MUST BREAK FREE!

Lydus using all his strength and will. Begins to fight the forces that control him. He shakes violently and struggles against unknown forces and then it happened. He stopped and he no longer felt those unknown forces willing him anymore. He knew for the fist time in his life he was truly free. Free to do whatever he wanted. With that freedom he took his axe and ran into the forest. From that day on Lydus was a free man.

Tell me what think.


What Lydus did not know was that not only did the divine forces control him but they protected him, Lydus was soon found and eaten alive by wolves

Nice story but you ended it on a cliff-hanger and I both hate and love them. I just felt it needed a proper ending

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The story will go on. The cliff-hanger is their for a few reasons. I want to build a nice full story and I want to build a mod around it. I think having Lydus in your world would be fun. Just thinking of all the possibilities as me excised.

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Please tell me Lydus is wearing pants…


Very interesting.

I’d say expand on the beginning though (I’m assuming you would, but…). Talk about how chopping down the trees ends up hurting him, but how he is compelled by that “supernatural being” to chop. And why is the being forcing him to chop? Possible antagonist? A lowly ex-lumberjack vs a Godlike figure?

[Part 1]
Lydus weeks after his escape. Lydus puts his trusty axe into a nearby tree. Lydus is seating on a tree stump near a river bank. Lydus is looking at the stream of water flow down the river bank. He begins to hear what sounds like footsteps. He quickly grabs his axe and hinds behind a tree. As he looks on, he sees two goblins one green and one red. Thinking to himself, A red goblin? I’ve never seen a red goblin before, um. They begin to speak to each other. He listens closely to their conversation.

The green goblin’s looks at the red goblin and says to him. Theirs nothing I can do. They will try to kill you. Because you are not like the rest. You are red in skin you are weak and you are too small to fight. You are my child and for this I will not let them kill you. I send you to the world and you will leave never come back. The red goblin with tears in it’s eye. Looks at the green goblin and says. I sorry I so weak. I try to fight but I too weak, I try, try, try, try but I fail. (it begins to cry) I…will live! The green goblin walks away and leaves the red goblin alone.

The red goblin walks towards the river and looks at it’s reflection. The goblin sees a fish swimming by and tries to grab it. The goblin loses his balance and falls in. The goblin begins to panics and hits it’s head on the rocks below.

[Part 2] Coming Soon

[Part 2]
Lydus rushes towards the river and jumps in after the goblin. He puts his arm around the chest of the goblin and swims out of the river. Lydus turns the goblin on to it’s side and begins to slaps it’s back (to get the water out of it’s lungs). The boy begins to cough up water and begins to breath. Lydus speaks to the boy and says. Breath slowly and try to stay calm. I will return with a potion to make you well. Lydus rushes back to the tree stump and quickly searches his bag for the right potion.

Returning to the Goblin he opens the bottle and pours the liquied into the Goblin’s mouth. The goblin begins to glow with a bight light which begins to dim after a few short moments. The goblin slowly wakes up and looks up at Lydus. The goblin still weak begins to speak. You save me from river? Why? I weak. Lydus looks into the boy’s eyes and says I saved you because I didn’t want you to die. Lydus smiileing back at the Goblin. Weak? How many little ones do you know live after drowing? I don’t know any. The Goblin looking up at Lydus. Says you can join me and together we make pack. Our pack will be strong we will live Strong not Weak. The Goblin slowly rising it’s arm and places it’s hand on to Lydus’ face. They call me Jinxer. Lydus smiles and says my name is Lydus.