Lullaby's and other easter eggs

Love the lullaby that plays when you hover over a sleeping worker. Such a nice touch! I thought I was going mad at first.

I wasn’t aware of this! How many other little easter eggs have you found that the community might not be aware of?

Just this one really, and I loved it as well :slight_smile:

love this one as well… :smile:

and i can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a massive shrine, dedicated to Steffers Geodamo …

but it’s out there


Loved the lullaby aswell, for more eggs. Here this :smile:


What happened to your modelling @Froggy? You have no interest in it anymore? Or are you busy with a secret project? :speak_no_evil:

Yeah, you’ve dissapointed me, @Froggy :frowning:

The lullaby was there from the very beginning of the Alpha… and was mentioned in some threads as well, how come you didn’t notice till now?

(I’m joking, I’m sure you’ve been busy with studies or something lately. You haven’t participated very much in the forums these last months. That, or you’re really making a super secret project/continuing with the adventures of G&S…)