Easter Eggs in Stonehearth?

So will stonehearth have easter eggs in game? I know it would spoil the surprise but id like to be on the lookout for them, like perhaps on a certain corner of the map, a certain blue police box appears :3 and when you get close to it, it fades away, thoughts?

i have complete confidence in finding a few choice references in the game… namely “tom shot”…

failing that, a hidden shrine to myself and @Geoffers747 is on the table as well… :smile:

but yeah, i can totally seem them placing a few surprises in the game…


maybe it can be a villager name? Tom Shot the blacksmith, Tom Shot the farmer, etc :wink:

Im already going to be in the game!!!

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Are you the one who paid off the Kickstarter campaign single-handedly? No wonder your name’s going to be in the game!

Ha ha, Im super rich but look at my avatar. Remind you of anything?

A polar bear? Or maybe a cow… I think it’s got to be the cow…