Lua: Sources Of Information (Tutorials, Guides, Books, References, etc.)

Maybe you know a page which provides interesting guides, tutorials, etc. about Lua. Let’s share them…


lua for windows

Lua for Windows is a ‘batteries included environment’ for the Lua
scripting language on Windows.

lua crash course

We will start off this tutorial with a complete, working program that
will most likely make absolutely no sense to you. Don’t fret, we will
go through the code line by line to quickly get you acquainted with
the feel of Lua.

On my search for a tool to write in Lua, I stopped for the moment with ZeroBrane, an open-source IDE for Lua. Maybe you want to try it out. So far I am quite happy with it.

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excellent, thanks for the link… that looks like a very nice, light-weight IDE…

Or there’s always Vim :open_mouth:

indeed… :stuck_out_tongue:

more often than not, im usually quite content with notepad++

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Blech. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Be a man :wink:

hey, i said “content”, not married to… :stuck_out_tongue:

i have no less than about 6 different IDEs on my various machines (work and home)… but yes, np++ is on all of them… :blush:

No one’s mentioned Sublime as an IDE? While technically it costs like $60 the trial version has all the features and never expires, it just asks you if you want to register every 20mins.

isnt it a fairly “heavy” application though (language completion for quite a number, correct)? i havent used it in some time to be fair though…

For a super light tool Context with a nice highlighter doesnt offer a whole lot more than notepad but nice none the less. Actually I seem to recall you can set up a console environment too.

It supports a lot of languages by default and supports textmate syntax thingys so with those it supports pretty much everything, it also a bunch of packages for various things like language agnostic code completion but I haven’t really tried it with lua so I’m not sure how well they work for it but I presume it would be decent for it at least.

Okay, so I need some help.

I am uber excited about Stonehearth and love how moddable it’s all going to be. And of course, what’s the point in it being moddable if I’m not going to abuse it? Now, it’s 5 months 'til the beta. Gah. But that does give me some time. You see I am keen on becoming a programmer. But at the moment, I can’t really programme and until Stonehearth came along I had not even heard of Lua. I am only 15 :cry:. But as I said, I am uber keen on programming and would love to actually be able to mod Stonehearth.

So what I’m asking for is anyone who could help me. Where do I start? Should I learn another language first? Is Lua just too hard of a language for me to be beginning with? After all I’ve only done stuff in Scratch. Yeah :thumbsup:. I’ve roamed the forums and entered the Bitcave but it was a bit too advanced for me. Maybe one day I’ll belong.

So what these rambling paragraphs all amount to is, can anybody help me to learn Lua?

There is actually a entire forum thread devoted to this made by Voxel Pirate i think it’s called the Bitcave, look for it in the search engine up at the corner (maginfying glass) and you can learn a lot here :smiley: Welcome to the community

I did visit there and was blown away by the knowledge of everyone. I was honestly a tad intimidated. I’ll revisit it and see if there’s anything more at my level but everything was honestly just a bit over my head.

Here: Lua Tutorials | Dev-HQ

This site is teaching you Lua. Read it through and learn it :smiley: I wish you luck

Ahhh thank you! This is perfect, I now have my week’s to do list :wink:

No problem duder! I hope to see something awesome after beta release :package:
@SteveAdamo I think this is when you merge this with some other LUA thread or lock it? Idk im not a mod but figured I’d toss it your way!

Another site that you can use is

It has a pretty good explanation of everything and is interactive as well. That’s where I went to get started in Lua.

Lua(In my so far experiences) Is a lot like java, though one is a scripting and the other is a programming language. So if you know java, learning lua will be fairly simple for you :slight_smile: