Lua_gc high usage

is lua_gc really suppose to take up 35% usage all the time even at a start of the game even when paused?
feels like there is something broken here?

with or without ACE is the same and no mods is the same also

this is probably hurting performance a lot

Paused new game not a single mod still lua_gc running like crazy for no good reasons.
Spoke with a programmer before and he also did not understand why its running all the time

Your main issue is the Idle %. If you have a hearthling that is stuck, it could cause your game to freeze and crash (I’ve had that happen from experience). Start a new building, make sure all of your crafters are busy, and look for any Idle hearthlings in the Citizen Tab. Whichever hearthling showing idle would be the cause.

That’s not what idle is. Idle is how much processor is available. You want this to be as high as possible.

For the Lua garbage collection, I wonder if there are some core processes that are creating a lot of temporary tables that get discarded and need to be garbage collected, or if it’s just implemented in a way that’s very inefficient when nothing’s going on in exchange for being relatively efficient when lots of stuff is going on.