Lower case color code fails, more or less

In landmark_blocks.json we have this color: #C1C0bb.
If we use that color in a landmark, it will work fine. Except that it will not be adjust to the biome pallet as expected as that color is mapped to “terrain_tag”: “rock_layer_6”.

What I mean by that is this. If you use for example the color #82807B, which is mapped to rock_layer_3, it will appear as gray in temperate, but it will appear as pink in desert, because that is the color of the third rock layer in that biome.

This means that using that C1C0bb (a light gray/silver) it will always appear as C1C0bb even if the biome has a different color for that layer. For example, it should be a red color in the canyon, or a dark gray in archipelago.

The fix is simple, just uppercase it.


Thanks for the detailed report & suggestion! Fixed for the next build.