[2380 x64] building color to material map has no entry for color #464D53

Brand new game, no mods.

I was using the build wall tool and made a wall out of gray stone walls and wooden posts and got this error:

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Same for road building with stone - error #8E8260

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Ver A10-B2380

Was trying to build stone walls in a lake when this nasty error popped up.

can you try to reproduce the issue to confirm it was the actual building “inside” water that caused this?


Just tried again, the water element seems fine, but somthing is broken with the stone wall option.
Color undefined. #464D53

Edit: Steps to reproduce, build stone wall with stone pillars.

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So it looks like it’s the stone wall since I built a stone wall with wooden pillars and got a very similar color undefined error. Steve, can you merge our two bug reports?

Agreed, cMon Steve, back to work :smile:


It happened to me, when I started building a road of the second stone material.

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@SteveAdamo @Relyss perhaps could embed it? :wink:

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Sorry wrong screenie. This is the actual error:

I believe the first 14 lines are actually from demoting a footman, so it’s from line 15 and downwards. Sorry for not embedding properly, but I’m on the phone.

np man, @SteveAdamo @Relyss please merge… again :wink:

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