Low Resolution Woes

I have recently joined the realm of full PC warriors instead of noble laptop assisstants, and part of that package was a new monitor.

That monitor is a 1920 x 1080, VG245H Asus, Screen Size a beautiful 24 inches. I was pleased to find that Stonehearth looks much better than it did on my laptop, but one thing stood out to me…

It doesn’t come across well in this screenshot, but the loot icon in the bottom left of the screen for the oak icon is really pixelated. Like, all of the other icons, I can now see the pixels, but in this instance incredibly so.

So I guess this is a request for some higher resolution icons? I know it’s not gonna be top priority, but it would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.


Buff icons are 50x50
Menu icons are 74x74
Crafting png are 300x300
And the workshop skin is 1024x768 (i think) could be higher
No high res