Love, like, dislike. How it works?

I play for a long time and watch this tab. How does it even work?

Appeal in the center of sleeping model is 1,72, but in menu 2,1. In the room is a three diferent things from “like”-list. Each thing from this list is +0,1 to summary appeal?

Each thing from “dislike” gain “cramped enviroment” and “-4” in mood?
"Love" don’t work in all my test.

Who can say specifically in numbers, how should these lists work?

Likes and loves gains a multiplier, so it ranks higher than normal. The appeal vision show us the raw values from someone without likes and dislikes.

In the character sheet, the red arrow is what is being detected at that moment, and the yellow bar is what the hearthling is actually feeling. The yellow always moves toward the red, it just takes time, like the moods.


It is a multiplier of thing or all room? What value of multiplier there is (x1,1 or x2)? Where i can read this info on game files? Thx for ansver in any way.

No, the multiplier is for the single item that is liked. It is 40% to liked and 90% to loved, acoording to the /data/constants.json


To complement this a bit: those zones divided by black stripes determine the satisfaction level of that individual hearthling.

  • the gray zone is neutral
  • the 2 blue zones are negative
  • the 4 gold zones are postive

As long as the yellow arrow stays over a zone that isn’t neutral (gray), that specific hearthling gains a mood modifier (- in blue, + in yellow). The intensity of the mood modifier depends on how far the yellow arrow is into the gold/blue zones. While the arrow is there, in the morale tab it will show up as Pleasant Aesthetics, Unpleasant Aesthetics, Beautiful Aesthetics, etc…

There are also other modifiers that are awarded if a certain action was done while the arrow was in a colored zone, such as “slept in a pleasant environment” etc… these have durations, and can stay with the hearthling even after the yellow arrow falls back to the gray zone.

edit: so because of these temporary mood modifiers, you can create temporary boosts for your hearthlings by setting up a super pretty bedroom, in which they get this bonus before they return to the otherwise ugly town or mine or anywhere where the aesthetics aren’t that awesome, and it will stay with them for a couple of in-game hours.


I did it usually =)

I find:

 "APPEAL_BONUS_FOR_N_LIKED_ITEMS": [0.1, 0.15, 0.18],

x1,1 for simple and x1,18 for exellent from like-list?
x1,2 for thing from love-list?

Yes, I confused with the item quality values.

If I don’t misremember, it’s the higher bonus (0.18) if the hearthling is surrounded by 3 items they like (they can be 3 of the same type). For loved items, only one is taken into account. This way you don’t have to stuff your hearthling’s bedroom with all the items they like, because at most, only 3 + 1 will be counted for the boost to the appeal of that area.
For disliked items, they will have a constant negative appeal value for that hearthling (not a multiplier boost), so they will be aggregated as if they had negative appeal.

Of course, the base appeal of items increases with their quality.

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