Building appeal preview. Persolanlized buildings. Dates in the park. Viewcone

The update is awesome!
There is so many ideas streaming from this beauty-mechanic.
I have 2 interface and one behavior suggestion and some gameplay ideas.


  1. Appeal-view for building editor. To help placing furniture with maximum effectiveness. The current button shows the appeal level of the territory, only AFTER all the items were placed.
  2. Individual buildings. The houses are made for someone! So i have an idea how to make a perfect home for everyone without overloading the player’s memory or having to look at the character sheet all the time. Add a list of all citizens with checkboxes near them. If a checkbox is checked – all the items the selected citizen likes/loves/dislikes and workshops for the selected citizen. (I’ll try to do it myself ).

3. Behavior suggestion – idle citizens go to the most attractive places or to the items they love most. Just to enjoy the view.
4. IMHO, the appeal would work more natural if the appeal-zone was not a 13-tile hemisphere, but a view cone + a small area like bed and 1-2 tiles around. Current mechanics suggests packing the flavors into tight clusters and placing fountains in the doors just to force the citizens to enjoy them. The view cone would possibly make the hearthling’s “perception” more human-like. And allow to plan more human-attractive interiors and exteriors.
5. Fashion is my passion :slight_smile: Hearthlings must be the source of appeal too! The happier and the fancier the Hearthling is – the more appeal (s)he produces. And the most appealing Hearthling gets a thought “I’m fancy an I know it”.
6. Freindship. The hearthilngs who saved each other or have common tastes + several pleasant conversations do not get the shared-bed bad thought and get a happy thought “great roommate” instead.

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