Weight of Mood?

Hi all,

maybe I have missed this but how does mood really work?
I mean what weights more, a ++ mood or a 2x + mood?
When does a single - weight more than a single + or the other way around?

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Don’t quote me on this, but i think the ++ is better, and the 2x is the buff but stacked meaning it will last longer? I’m not entirely sure.

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The + and - signs are approximate happiness deltas. The negative and positive bucket sizes the same, so a happiness delta of 1 to 5 will count as a +, and a -1 to -5 will count as a -.

An x2 means that there are two stacks of that thought with that specific happiness delta.
A nx2 + usually gives a similar happiness to a ++.

If you want to take a look, the happiness delta buckets are in \data\happiness\happiness_constants.json under happiness_delta


Eh. That helps, sure… But I’m still lost about the whole thing.

So, some infuences stack. And double stack is roughly equal to the single emotion of a double power. Good.

Another question. Some emotions have a duration and some have none. How does that influence things?

If a char currently visually has more positive emotions than negative (in terms of the number of +/-, including stacks), can we expect his mood to be currently improving?

If negative emotions are constantly prevalent, will char’s global mood to be dropping indefinitely till it hits rock bottom? Is it true otherwise?
Or do we need to reach a certain “threshold” to make his total mood change 1 step up/down?

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A character’s mood starts at a base value (around 70). A target happiness will be calculated based on an entity’s current thoughts, so if they have thoughts with deltas -3, -2, +2, the target happiness will be 67 (70 - 3 - 2 + 2). The hearthling’s happiness will decrease slowly (you can tell when an entity’s happiness is increasing by flashing arrows next to the mood bar (yellow >> bars for increasing happiness, blue << bars for decreasing happiness) until it hits 67, and sit at that number until their thoughts change.


You mean, 67, right? :merry:
Okay, got it. No threshold, fluid changes, but new thoughts influence hearhtlings only once (to get negative delta from sleeping on the ground twice a H should actually sleep on the ground twice). So “optimists” (hearthlings with an “Optimist” trait) have their… what? “Base value” increased? Or do they have an inherent invisible + (positive) delta?

Yes, haha. The optimistic hearthlings have an increased base happiness (+6).

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