Cultist Mood **Character for availbility cause 15 minimum title characters**

if “MysteryStatue” == Destroyed
set hearthling.cultists.mood = hearthling.cultists.mood - 9

1 month
does stack

yes, you can get mood -18 with this, but no one cares, should have just left that stupid statue in its place


if “MysteryStatue” == Placed.around (firepit, x+15, y+15, z+15) or Placed.around (altar, x+15, y+15, z+15)
set hearthling.cultists.mood = hearthling.cultists.mood + 9

Bunny God (Mysterious Statue) = item crafted by mason for 5 brightbell flowers (moss) and 25 stone (statue outside) 30 gold ingots (statue inside)
Altar = item crafted by mason for 5 gold ingots, 10 stone and food donation box

pernament, if not around firepit 48h
doesn’t stack, otherwise overpowered

I feel like everything I presented here is balanced, the counter to the bad mood is pretty expensive, but you can’t forget that it can also give a pernament good mood to all your cultists.