About Mood: Town status affect mood

It comes to my attention that current mood system only make hearthlings affect their own status, like hunger, injury and space. I think we can give it a rather groupish counterpart: town status thoughts.

It works easy: the attributes of your town, just like hearthlings’ own status, will become thoughts that affect hearthlings’ moods.
For an example, If your town have more than 8 deployed trader stands, your hearthling may think their town has many access to exotic goods, and become a little bit more pleasant. And if you have a military score inadequately low in comparison of your town value or population, hearthlings may be haunted and fear to even think about possible threats, so their moods assumably become low. A town with many or very skilled healers (such as “sum of levels of all active healers above or equal to 18”), they will think they can get patched up whatever trouble they’ve got and feel happy. But a low food reserve may let hearthlings worry about tomorrow’s dinner thus lower mood.

So community, what do you think about this?


There are actually some global ones. EX: your town progress to tier 2 they all are happier and celebrate, no combat hearthlings make them uneasy. I think more would be cool like the low food reserve one. I wish there was more to make your town happy like when i have provided them all food and a comfy bed for the past 3 in game months that they would just get a global happier bonus for having a safe life. Or not having a hearthling being seriously injured in a while.

I honestly feel like this is where the game is headed in the longrun. I’m really looking foward to a bunch of the new stuff coming like traits. A20 was all about getting the base system set so they could expand it.

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Yes! and it seems both you and me want this to become more elaborate and extensive! I have given EVERYONE in my town decent room with enough space, windows and furnishing, I can’t wait to see they react to this as well. There is just so much we can meddle with: food, housing, space, safety, township, market, military, crafters(We are not making miracles, but we can fabricate pretty much anything at there ! Mood++)… Looking forward to this.