Traits match up with mind body and spirit

a passionate mason, carpenter, weaver etc should come with at least 5 mind, preferably 6
a passionate cleric should come with at least 5 spirit, preferably 6
Heart of a crafter should come with at least 5 mind, preferably 6
a passionate footman should come with at least 5 body, preferably 6
so on and so forth
I’m not going to promote a Hearthling that is a passionate Masson but has 1 mind because he wouldn’t make a good mason. especially when I have much better options for a Masson. so that means that the Hearthling will never be happy because he won’t get his dream job.

another solution is being able to train Hearthlings like a heathling that has 6 mind could teach a Hearthling that only has 1 mind and have his mind increase. so when he gets high enough mind I can promote him to Mason and he will be a good mason. then he can have his dream job.


I see no problem in aspiring to be something while being really bad at it.

He will not be sad either. It is neutral, as if he had no traits. Also, it is just one of many factors that contribute to the overall happiness, and alone it will barely make a difference in his life.

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I would still like to be able to train my Hearthlings so they can become better
a new class
weight trainer increases Hearthlings body, can only increase Hearthlings body to the weight trainers body level.
Teacher increases Hearthlings mind. can only increase Hearthlings mind to teachers mind level.
(insert profession here) increases spirit. can only increase Hearthlings mind to the level of the (insert profession here) spirit level
this way I don’t have to sacrifice my Hearthlings in hopes of getting better ones.

I think some events could change their stats (for better or worse). Like reaching a new town tier would give a +1 spirit bonus to everyone, while opening a strange box in a cave would release a poison cloud making all the fighters there have a -1 mind.

Just training, like asking a soldier to hit a training dummy, feels wrong for this game, kinda cheaty.

ok then let the sacrifices continue. who is next? you! you only have 1/1/1 your useless.

lol, no! Don’t kill them. There is always something for everyone.
If you want to kill them, one way that I did (in another game, can’t remember which) was I would assign the useless as soldiers, and send him alone into battle, this way he would die but clear a few enemies for the others.


I usually use the low stat ones as general workers.

Though I have to say, I do like the idea of having interactive events, where you can either let your Hearthling do their thing or direct their choices, which result in either a reward of stat increase, or consequences that can include a drop. Though I suppose that would be too RNG/gamble and micro-managing…

Or maybe a reward success kind of thing; not so much training them, but having them actively do things - letting that Mind 1 passionate mason craft, eventually he starts to become more clever from insights he gleams while crafting, increasing his Mind stat. Or someone walks away from fights with barely any health multiple times, gain a Body stat point. Kinda an achievement system of sorts for the Hearthlings themselves?


I also use the low stat guys as workers.

I think maybe another way to do it, is if they are the job they are passionate about, they get a boost in all related stats (Passionate Carpenter gets a boost in Curiosity and Inventiveness, so that they have stats equal to somebody who has 6 in that stat. Trapper gets more compassion, Footmen get better body stats, etc.).


Bruno that is true, and Kodi4444, that would be to OP to train a Hearthling, also mods, can you make it so you cannot re-roll a Hearthling more than a certain amount of times, or have a list of a lot, and pick out of them, because once I re-rolled a Hearthling to a 6 mind, 5 body, and 6 spirit.

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