Hearthling training

with this new trait thing, I think there needs to be a way to train your Heathling to get more mind, body, and spirit.for Heathlings that have a certain job preference when they would not be good at that job.
Problem: I have a Heathling with the courageous trait but he has weak body and spirit. I think there should be a way for him to train body and spirit so he can be better at the job he prefers.
an idea I had was A Heathling could help train other heathlings with the same job but only to the level that that heathling was at.
Example: I have a footman that is 6 body and 5 spirit. then I get a heathling that wants to be a footman but he only has 2 body and 2 spirit. I promote him to be a footman with the 6 body and 5 spirit footman. and slowly the 2 body 2 spirit footman will learn from the 6 body 5 spirit Heathling and eventually he will reach 6 body 5 spirit just like the other Heathling.


They already have training dummies in the game files, so I’m sure this was considered before. Still, it’d be nice if they let you control your hearthlings’ personalities to some degree.

Training your hearthlings should also be able to take their stats to above 6. But Only ever when its modified. Say a hearthling has a hard 6 body. The best it can get. With dummy training, or weight training, what have you, theyre able to take their hard 6 into a 7. 6 stays the cap for unmodified stats. This would help create the idea of SOME hearthlings plain and simply being better at something than others. Like in real life. Some people are born fighters, sculptors, writers, athletes. True anyone can learn and achieve, but some have a major head start initially.

Body- Weight lifting, training dummy, Archery dummy, etc.

Mind- Gives purpose to the writing desks. They practice their writing, arithmetic, etc. Also giving Scholars in some mods additional roles and items to craft. (think books, pencils, lined paper, etc)

Spirit- Practicing certain things like prayer (optional) Giving speechs, Burying your dead hearthlings and holding a small ritual burial for it(like a tradition funeral) ; or simple upkeep of a graveyard. Can gives Clerics a more diverse role of not only healing the hearhlings physically but also healing them Spiritually.

I hope this was easy to understand :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


I really that idea steven being able to train your hearthlings to be better while also giving a use to some of the currently useless items ingame like the writing desk… which they never use even for idling purposes…


if you wanna upgrade there body/spirit/mind go into the command console and do set_mind/body/spirit 1 to 6

an alternative to gaining spirit could be facing your fears because spirit has to do with bravery. like fighting and defeating enemies.

or working with animals… spirit is also the stat used to determine shepards effectiveness at gathering animals. so when they allow other citizens to have pets rather than just trappers (which is think is being worked on) maybe feeding/caring for the animals would raise spirit?