Love Letter to the Stonehearth Discourse

I got everyone and their mother in there. Consider it as a giant Where’s Waldo hunt! :smiley:


Lies! My mother is not in there :stuck_out_tongue:

Giant feels like an understatement, if I counted correctly (Which I kind of doubt) there’s 5040 “pixels” (Each pixel being a profile picture)

I kind of doubt my counting skills on this small level but I think I saw 4 EpicDwarfs :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome! :slight_smile: and fantastic to see me dotted all over the white bit, good to see others agreeing with how the balance should be around here…


At least give us HQ version D:

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It’s the best I could get without paying, and I’m a bit cash strapped thanks to Steve’s kickstarter adverts :p!

So the love letter not being in HQ is Steve’s fault! :stuck_out_tongue:

FOR PONY!!! :horse: :slight_smile:

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Everything is Steve’s fault.



Makes me think of the swedish song “Bögarnas Fel” roughly translated “It’s the gays fault”. But about easymoza, do you happen to know if you go away from the page without downloading the mosaic is it gone forever? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can just copypaste the image straight from the Discourse to your computer.

wow, @Swift_Cube… that’s impressive! :smile:

scours the image looking for himself… and fails miserably

The balance between each Forumer is amazing! People like @Smokestacks have their Icon littered over the Mosaic, while I only have four Icons!

It’s talk like that that gets pictures removed from the mosaic of life!


Awesome mosaic man. Its things like this that make me glad to have helped kick start this game. As someone once said a game is nothing without the fans that play it


Dear lord that’s…

I dunno what that is. Awesome? Insane? Both?


Could you at least appreciate that I took around 2 weeks editing 255 forum avatars into this result you see above? It’s not my fault that the software was written as it is. You can go ahead and make a mosiac filled with EpicDwarfs if you want, though.

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I was just joking around. No need to feel ashamed.

I think I spotted myself in there, the Tzolkin is pretty hard to miss :smile:

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i see my self in the most yellow part of the image a few times.

I’m to lazy to find myself :frowning: