Loading game crash (subspace pathfinder was off)

Title: Loaging town crashes the game

Summary: I was playing normaly, then needed to carry on life a little, saved the game. Once I got back, tried to load both manual sabe and auto-save (a little early save). Both saves literally freeze and close the game just after loading the town. No errors or crash report.
The town got 19 to 20 people, no actual buildings, only “roads and floors”, and a big, really big hole inside the mountain.
I will need to start a new game (that’s ok…), and don’t have any other saves to test with.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Save game
  2. Try to load game
  3. Crash

Expected Results: Normally load the game and carry on.

Actual Results: Game freeze and close totally with no error screen.


Attachments: Save file on System Information

Versions and Mods: 0.13.0 (483 64bit latest) No mods

System Information:
CPU - AMD Phenon II 970 x64 Black Edition
Mobo - Asus M4A88TD-M
Ram - 8gb
GPU - Radeon R9 270 4gb

1449485640365.zip (5.0 MB)

Well… Tried to create a new town, this time as soon as I ordered the harvest, the game crashed in the same way.
Enabling CPP AI and Subspace Pathfinder solved the problem… the game is now loading normaly. :confused:

I might not be much help as I don’t have the game but some things to check:

  1. Was there a version update between the last time you loaded and now?
  2. Try running the game on 32bit. Even though you meet the minimum requirements for 64bit, It’s not optimized as well as it could be and is using more memory then it really needs to causing lag and errors as your town grows in population.

Hope this helps, though probably not by much.

Just stoped playing for a few hours… no update really.
Btw, switching to 32bit really bumped the performace, thanks for the suggestion. =D

You’re welcome. 64bit will likely be optimized to use Memory more efficiently soon.

To the best of my knowledge, CPP AI and the Subspace Pathfinder should be enabled by default. Let me page @Albert to confirm…

Yes, CPP AI and the Subspace Pathfinder should always be on.